IT Career Talk: Managing Director & Technical Lead Ardee Aram – E-commerce, Micro-SaaS, Serverless


Guest Mr. Ardee Aram of YoungCTO Rafi Quisumbing 

Ardee creates applications that empower entrepreneurs. As previous  director of Engineering, he designs and implement blockchain and  cloud-based financial solutions.

* I handle our AWS-based infrastructure, which includes but is not  limited to: *** ECS, EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudWatch,  CodeCommit, CodeBuild, SES, CloudFront, Certificate Manager, and some  serverless applications.  * I see to it that the Engineering Department has all the tools,  training, and motivation for the timely delivery of updates, and  trouble-free maintenance of the following products:  (Node.js / ES6) Buy & sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through money changers  (Node.js / ES6) Bitcoin, Peso, and USD wallet for fast and seamless  international transactions  (Ruby on Rails) Cryptocurrency exchange with tools to empower  experienced traders


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